Study Abroad Packing List for a Fashionista

So I’ll admit it, my closet could probably provide warmth for a village of people... but those clothes are my babies. And it’s hard to leave your babies for 4 months. But since you can’t bring your whole life with you in 2 suitcases and a carry on, so here’s a list of must-haves to bring with you abroad!
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- layering pieces — bring neutral colors and LOTS of sweaters and cardigans.. having a limited closet is way easier to manage when you can mix and match most things together

- all your cosmetics — the makeup stores here are usually higher priced than in the US

- lots of pants! — I only brought a few pairs, and didn’t realize we don’t have dryers here and have to hang dry clothes.. so hanging things for 3 days before they’re dry is no fun when you run out of pants

- lots of outlet converters! — you never realize how many things you need to plug in until you can’t just plug it in without a converter

- scarves — it gets pretty cold here, and scarves can really help

- euros — convert your money before bringing it to Europe!! I converted my money in the Florence airport and got ripped off big time

- rain coat and boots — it rains so much here in the late winter/early spring months

- if you can’t bring a rain coat or boots, an umbrella will do! 

- DIY acrylic nail supplies! — if you’re like me and need acrylic nails to make yourself sane, you should get a DIY kit from Walgreens or Sally’s and learn how to do it yourself! I brought a kit but ran out of liquid and can’t find a place to buy liquid OR a place to put acrylics on for me. And the places that will do acrylics are EXPENSIVE

- specific hygenic products — I use a very specific makeup remover because other ones bother my sensitive skin, however I literally can’t find it anywhere. If you have a specific brand or item you really love, stock up girl

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