My Latest Fashion Obsession

Lately, men’s fashion has been catching my eye more than women’s fashion. I’m not sure why because I’ve always been so interested in women’s fashion, but I’ve noticed my focus changing lately and wanted to share about it!

So I obviously knew my outlook on fashion would shift when I moved to Italy for 4 months but I didn’t think this would be the outcome. The reason? I’m so interested in men’s fashion because European men are more fashion-conscious than American men (at least from my own experiences) and seeing the dope evolution of men’s fashion is catching my eye more and more. I’ve also been visiting more designer and high end stores, resulting in a ton of people wearing designer brands on the streets in Italy, so it’s much more prevelant. Many of these individuals are European men.

Let’s face it: men’s fashion is so cool lately. The layers, the diversity, it is interesting. I think men care less about their body shape so they can experiment more and allow the opportunity to be more open to things. Gender roles are also being challenged and blurred lately in terms of fashion, so I think designers have focused more energy on taking a new approach to what we define as menswear.

With the newest creative director for Louis Vuitton, I think that the brand will refocus its aesthetic to be inspired by street looks for its men’s collections. I’m really excited to see what is in store! Alessandro Michele is coming from Off White, the brand that also embodies the street look trend that is currently on the rise. 

Here's some pictures of the men's fashion looks that really caught my eye at Milan Fashion Week this year!


  1. What a great post.. I love the first image of the guys making suiting more casual. I love the mix and match feel of fabrics, leather and denim and smart jackets and trainers. J'adore! Over from x

  2. Love the third outfit.You write very good.I like your posts.Continue blogging,that's your life.


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