Ibiza Weekend Trip

Going to Ibiza is something I had been looking forward to all semester. I’m currently sitting in the airport about to leave, wishing I could stay another day (or like 6 months lmao)

The first day, we got here and instantly fell in love with it. The place we stayed was AMAZING. We had a balcony, a pool & we were literally right on the beach☀️ There was 10 of us staying there, so we were able to afford something pretty nice with everyone chipping in.

We got there and realized that all the clubs are still closed for winter. This was a setback, but we still had an amazing time. Right after we got settled we went down to the beach where we tanned all day and hung out. This lady came up to us to promote a boat cruise party for Saturday, which seemed super sketch at first. She was really pushy and would only take cash, but we booked it anyways after we did some research & hoped for the best. 

Friday was yet another beach day🤷🏼‍♀️ we relaxed and had a beautiful day. The only thing that’s annoying is the guys who walk around trying to sell things. We’re used to it though, because it happens every 5 seconds in Florence too. I got knock off Ray Bans though for €9 so no complaints🤷🏼‍♀️

That night, we went to Top 21, a bar in Ibiza. It was one of the only ones open because it was off season. It was kinda small but we had a great time dancing.

Saturday! The day of the sketchy boat cruise.... so it turned out to actually not be sketchy at all. It was amazing!! There was an open bar, loud music & a lot of dancing. We met some cool people and had a great time. At the beginning I was feeling seasick, but I got motion sickness pills and then felt so much better. With the boat ticket, we got a ticket to enter a club that same night. We were so excited to go, until everyone napped and we found out it was an hour walk away.... so long story short we didn’t go. I was super disappointed by not going but I guess that means I’ll just have to come back to Ibiza one day!!😍


  1. Post is so beaufiful.
    I love Ibiza and i hope i going to .


  2. Nice one thanks for sharing it..!


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