Fashion Magic or Myth?: take the pain out of wearing heels using tape

Recently I was getting ready for work and this was my outfit ....

I really had no option other than my 4 (ish) inch chunky black heel booties. I LOVE them but they hurt so bad. So, like I always do when I have a problem, I googled it and came across some interesting methods to avoid pain. The one I found the easiest and most commonly posted about? Taping your third and fourth toe together (counting from the big toe, which btw I like to call the thumb toe). SO I thought, easy enough let's try this. Four short hours into this shift I was walking like someone took a knife to my ankles and chopped my feet off. I had planned a date afterwards to shop (yay let's walk around the mall while I can barely stand) and going out to eat, so basically I wore these foot torture chambers for like 10 hours before I got home and took them off. This fashion hack? A MYTH. 

Speaking from experience, heels are gonna hurt. No matter what you do, its a fact of life. So here's my tips to at least somewhat reduce the pain:

  • BUY CHUNKIER HEELS: no doubt that the chunkier the heel, the more support and the less pain you'll feel. Buying heels with thin thin heels is fun in theory, and they're super cute but functionality is so important! Don't buy thin heels until you're physically and emotionally ready to feel some pain. 
  • KNOW YOUR SIZE: shoes that are too big or too small are going to hurt way worse. Finding the perfect fit is worth the time of trying on different pairs in the store.
  • DON'T JUMP INTO IT: practice is important for everything, but practicing in your heels is sometimes forgotten (I'm guilty too) before you choose to wear heels to something that will be longer than a few hours, think about the commitment. First, maybe pair them with a casual outfit and wear them out when you're only going to be standing for a short time, like shopping or going out to eat. 
  • STRETCH THEM: this is more for leather or faux leather shoes, but stretch them!! If they aren't broken in they'll hurt 10x worse. eff that. If you don't have time, consider buying heels second hand from consignment shops where they are already broken in (and way cheaper).
  • COME PREPARED: keep bandaids in your bag, and a pair of flats for when it just becomes unbearable.


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