Hello Blog!

Hello fashion blog world!

I'm Julia, I'm a Fashion Merchandising and Management Major at Southern New Hampshire University and a Social Media Marketing Minor, so who woulda guessed I'd make a fashion blog eventually

Anyways, in less than a month (yikes) I'm studying abroad in the most amazing place to ever study fashion: Florence, Italy!! When I'm not drinking wine and eating pasta I'll be interning with an Italian boutique and drooling over the Italian fashion around me. So I made this blog to share my adventure with the world and to have a place to share my thoughts and pictures as well as a place to just write about fashion and style. I love to try out hacks like the thing where you tape your toes together to make heels not hurt (I'll be writing about this soon) and I love to look at celeb's styles, so I'm gonna try to write posts about these types of things often too!!!

ok thanks for reading to the one person who maybe reads this lol


  1. Can't wait to follow your journey! Do you have Instagram? If so please give me a follow and I can follow back :) I'm here instagram.com/littleowlloves x


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