My First Few Days in Florence

Hello blog!!

I arrived in Florence 2 days ago, and it's been amazing. The architecture here is gorgeous and the food is amazing. I can't believe that I get to live here for 4 months.

While I'm here I have a set of goals I want to accomplish. At the end of the 4 months I will post about whether I accomplished them or not! And if I don't, that's okay too because I know that I will grow and learn a lot while I'm here. I honestly feel like I've already had my eyes opened to so many things. From doing visa and immigration paperwork, I realized how difficult of a process that is and how immigrants who go to a country without someone to help them fill everything out have it very hard. With the current state of America, I think that this is something that was really good for me to experience firsthand because I have a better understanding of how immigrants must feel. I also realized how hard it is to be in a country without knowing the language. This will help me be more patient when I'm home whenever I come across someone who does not know english. Being a retail worker, this situation happens more often than I think most people realize, and it's always been tough for me to sympathize because I had the typical "if you're in America speak english" attitude which I now realize is not very fair. Being on the other side of the situation has really made me rethink my previous attitude. I am trying to learn Italian, but it is hard to pick up another language and I'm sure learning English must be very hard for people who are not from English speaking countries.

SO now that my long rant is over, here's my list of goals:

-Become more independent

-Do community service that actually makes a difference in the lives of others

-Learn Italian

-Travel often

-Try things that scare me

-Don't fall behind on my classes just because I'm abroad

-Make friends from all over the world

-Try a bunch of wines!!

-Expand my wardrobe of course

-Become more mindful of my surroundings and less obsessed with my phone

-Improve my sense of direction

-Post on my blog at least once a week or more

I'll probably think of more, but as of now, these are the things I want to do in the next 4 months. I'll be posting here, so make sure to subscribe to the blog!

Thanks for reading,
Ciao for now


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