Italy Update - Week 2

Happy Friday!! And happy 2nd week in Florence to meπŸ˜™ 

I’ve officially been here over a week and wow it’s been crazy already. I honestly truly love it here but I am feeling a little homesick. Mostly I just miss my mom & Dunkins coffee but it’s okay because Mommas coming to see me in like 2 weeks & I’m going to Venice tomorrow for Carnivale which I will definitely make a special post for!!

I’m very excited for my fashion classes although one of my shifts for my internship is Monday at 9 am and another is Thursday nights which means I can’t travel as much as I planned to.

My roommates and I are all getting along which is great! We went to dinner & a bar the other night and the owner of the bar gave me a free t shirt and let me go behind the bar to take a picture which was cool!!

Very excited for this semester & will totally keep this blog updated.

Ciao for now!
Xoxo, Julia