I’m currently on the bus ride back from Croatia and it was honestly one of my favorite places I have ever been. Before coming to Europe, I didn’t even know that Croatia existed. Arriving, I had no idea what to expect.

When we got off the bus I saw the beautiful city of Split and fell in love with it. The water was right by our hostel and there were palm trees and tiled streets. I went on a walking tour with people who I had never met and it was cool to kinda do something on my own and meet new people. After a while I went to the water and just sat for a while and watched the waves.

The next day we went on a boat cruise. It was supposed to be a fun, relaxing, and wine filled cruise but it turned into a wild experience. The waves were so big and the wind was so strong that water was splashing into the boat all over, and the boat was rocking back and forth violently. Half the people on the boat were throwing up and the other half were still partying. When we got to the island of Brač, though, it was so cool. We could tell that it would have been a lot more fun in the summer though, when you could swim and go down the giant water slide that ran into the sea, or lay out on the beach. We got some really good pictures, and I loved the island.

This morning, we visited the beautiful waterfalls. And now, after almost an 11 hour bus ride, we’re finally almost home in Florence❤️


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