Going to Paris Fashion Week as a College Student


This past weekend, a friend and I took a day trip to Paris,  experiencing one of the most prestigious fashion events of the year... PARIS FASHION WEEK!!

I also attended the Milan fashion week, however, I was so much more excited for Paris because I would have more time and it was my first trip out of Italy since I got here! I’ve wanted to go to a fashion week since I was a kid and finally going to one (for more than just one day) sounded unreal to me!

But I gotta tell you the truth: it’s not at all what you’d expect.

It was amazing, I’m not gonna say it wasn’t! Although, it really was very different from what I had hoped. For example, when I arrived in Milan’s fashion district, the street style was crazy and there were amazing outfits EVERYWHERE. However, that was not the case in Paris. With such a huge city like Paris, it was really hard to find the areas where there would be a lot of fashion, resulting in seeking out places where there would be. The one place we saw ALOT of, oddly enough, was outside the Paris Fashion Week Center Office. Now, I say that it was odd because it was after a fashion show, and Paris fashion shows are usually in such a discrete, secretive place. The fact that they would hold a show right in the office was wild! We had given up on finding a show at that point, leading us to take pictures in front of the sign. To our surprise, we got there and saw a ton of people with cameras who were clearly waiting for people to walk out, so we stuck around and got some cool pictures! Here’s some of them ....

Another cool experience was a trade show! We tried to get in but we weren’t able to because we aren’t industry insiders, but we got to see a peek of it!

We spent a lot of time in Paris finding cool places to take pictures. Here are a few of myself (if you wanna know any of the exact locations so you can get good pictures too, just comment!)

So basically, if you made it this far into the post, I have some advice for you as a Paris Fashion Week Attendee (without credentials): BE PATIENT & DONT GET YOUR HOPES TOO HIGH! It was still an AMAZING experience and what I did get to see of the fashion was beautiful. I will never forget it! 


  1. waw.. Very good.

  2. You look fabulous - I love how colourful you dress! Glam gal xx littleowlblogs.wordpress.com


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